Construction site dust

What is the HSE’s autumn inspection initiative for construction site dust?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched an inspection initiative aimed at respiratory hazards in the construction sector, particularly from construction site dust.

HSE inspectors will be carrying out no-notice inspections of construction sites to check the arrangements for managing respiratory hazards.

In particular, the initiative will focus on the risks to health due to construction site dust. The types of dust which the HSE will look at include:

  • Silica, from cutting concrete, brick and stone
  • Asbestos
  • Wood
  • General construction dust

The HSE’s campaign started in October 2021 and runs throughout the autumn. The HSE inspectors will be checking that contractors have safe systems of working in place to ensure that exposure to construction site dust and other respiratory hazards is minimised.

The HSE website contains a number of resources to help you manage construction site dust and other construction hazardous substances.

Dust can be controlled by use of extraction, wetting and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). Where asbestos may be present, specialist expertise is required to ensure that no workers are exposed to it. We have a separate guide with advice on what to do if asbestos is discovered.

Whilst the inspectors will be focusing on respiratory hazards during this latest campaign from HSE, they will also be checking on other activities to make sure that they are safe.

If you require any assistance in carrying out your own site health and safety audits, Aegis has experienced and qualified staff who can help with this, either in an advisory capacity or to undertake the audit itself. Contact us for more information.