The importance of health and safety system reviews

Regularly reviewing your health and safety management system is critical in ensuring it is effective in managing risk and protecting people.

Regulation 5 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires employers to have arrangements in place for monitoring and review of health and safety arrangements. This ensures that employers constantly and consistently review whether their systems remain effective.

How often should health and safety systems be reviewed? 

Health and safety system reviews should be done at least annually. For companies operating in high-risk environments the frequency may be greater. The review process should:

• Examine whether the health and safety policy aligns with the company’s priorities, plans and targets
• Examine whether all other health and safety systems have been effectively reported
• Report and review any health and safety shortcomings, deciding actions to address weaknesses and a system to monitor implementation

Proactive and reactive 

There are two types of indicators that can be used in a review: proactive and reactive.  Proactive indicators can be checking documentation and procedures, whilst reactive measures would include accident reports and the number of improvement notices issued.  A review should include a mix of both types of measure. 

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