site operating procedures covid-19

Social distancing on construction sites – what are the updated Site Operating Procedures?

With government allowing construciton sites to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with constructrion workers designated as keyworkers, many sites in the UK have remained operational.

Many other construction sites that did close are looking to reopen in the coming days and weeks as the UK anticipates a gradual easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

So what’s the guidance for construction sites in adhering to the public health advice on social distancing?

The Construction Leadership Council issued version three of its Site Operating Procedures in mid-April 2020 in order to provide guidance to the construction industry on how to operate safely within the current restrictions.

The team at Aegis have used this guidance, along with other sources, to produce a set of site operating procedures for our clients and colleagues within the construction industry to use.

Here’s a link to our conslidated version of the CLC guidance.