Product safety markings – what’s changing?

The CE mark for product safety is being replaced following the UK’s exit from the European Union.

What are product safety markings?

The existing CE product safety mark and reverse epsilon markings are applied to products to show that they comply with relevant standards and legislation. They are set to be replaced by the UK Conformity Assessed Mark (UKCA).



Why is the change happening?

The change is taking place so that the UK can have control over goods regulations and maintain high product standards following Brexit.

The government has announced measures to help make the changes easier for businesses to adopt the new safety mark. These include legislation so that the UKCA mark can be placed on a label on the product or on a document accompanying the product (rather than on the product itself) until December 31, 2025. Furthermore, existing CE market products that are manufactured and imported into the UK before the end of 2022 can be sold without the need to meet UKCA requirements.

Who will be affected?

The sectors the change applies to include PPE manufacturers, machinery, electricals and pressure systems – though construction sector is not affected by the change. Suppliers have until January 1, 2023 to start using the new UKCA marking.

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