HSE Covid compliance checks

HSE Covid compliance checks – What you need to know

One of our neighbours in our business village received a visit recently from someone claiming to work on behalf of the Healthy and Safety Executive (HSE) and wanting to conduct a COVID compliance check on the company.

The company was suspicious and asked us for guidance, which we are happy to share with everyone in this blog post.

Before COVID-19, health and safety inspectors would be either from the HSE or the local authority.

However, since the pandemic, the HSE has started using contractors to conduct visits to companies in order to check on compliance with COVID regulations and guidance.

This includes checking that employees are wearing masks, social distancing is happening, and temperature checks are occurring, amongst other things.

The visits are a data collection exercise and are not considered part of the HSE’s Fees For Intervention charging scheme.

While the contractor does not have the same powers as an HSE Inspector, they should still be taken seriously because if they find shortfalls in your arrangements a follow-up visit from an HSE Inspector is a distinct possibility.

If the HSE does visit, it will look at all activities at the location, not just COVID compliance, so it’s important to ensure that you aren’t becoming complacent with your other health and safety practices.

Here’s some more information on the HSE’s COVID compliance spots checks from its website.

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