Don’t be caught out by CDM regulations

The new Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations are now in force and it’s vital that construction industry firms know their responsibilities.

CDM 2015 aims to improve health and safety in the industry by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of duty holders on projects with regards to health and safety, but firms are at risk of getting caught out if they aren’t aware of the regulatory changes.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has provided a range of resources to help with the transition into the new regulations, and we thought it would be useful to provide these to those who we work alongside.

There are a set of new webpages which can be accessed by clicking here, and information leaflets, such as the Construction Phase Plan for small projects (CDM 2015) – CIS80 have been made available.

The CITB has also released some useful information including industry guidance for dutyholders and a CITB CDM 2015 video. It has even produced a CITB CDM wizard app for a construction phase plan which can be used to create plans for simple projects.

You should also have already received Aegis guidance for the key duty holders on projects, which can be viewed by clicking the relevant links below:

CDM Regulations 2015 Client Information

CDM Regulations 2015 Designer Information

CDM Regulations 2015 Principal Contractor Information

We anticipate that the next few months will be busy as we work with our clients and construction colleagues to get them up to speed and compliant with the changes.

If you require guidance on the implications of the new regulations will have on your project, please contact us on 01772 736522 or