A person wearing PPE carrying out a hand/arm vibration assessment

Aegis to offer workplace noise and hand-arm vibration assessments

Aegis is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a comprehensive workplace noise and hand-arm vibration (HAV) measuring and assessment service.

Accurate assessments of employees’ personal daily exposure levels are required by both the Control of Noise at Work and Control of Vibration at Work Regulations, and are essential when considering suitable control measures and health surveillance. 

Without accurate measurements and suitable and sufficient assessments, organisations are vulnerable not only to enforcement action and prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive, but also to potential compensation claims from employees arising from long-term ill health. 

From an employee’s perspective the damaging effects of both noise and vibration are irreversible, and can have a detrimental effect on their quality of life. 

Our team of experts are fully qualified and experienced in carrying out both noise at work and hand-arm vibration assessments, and use the latest state of the art measuring equipment.  We are able to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment, backed up by a comprehensive report with recommendations to ensure full compliance, while also able to assess the effectiveness of any personal hearing protection. 

Our comprehensive workplace noise and hand-arm vibration measuring and assessment services will not only ensure legal compliance, but will also reduce exposure to potential costly compensation claims.  But most importantly they will help to protect the long-term health of your employees.

This service will include:

• Measurement of maximum and overall average noise levels at typical working positions and calculation of employee exposure levels
• Comprehensive report identifying areas for improvement and action plan
• Employee awareness training, including the selection and correct fitting and use of appropriate personal hearing protection

For more information on this service and how Aegis can help your organisation ensure the highest standards in health and safety, please get in touch with our team.