Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) employers must have a Fire Risk Assessment in place for all premises, carried out with the assistance of a Competent Person, who has relevant training, experience and knowledge of Fire Safety. These Fire Risk Assessments must be reviewed regularly.

Aegis has staff qualified to act as Competent Persons under the RRFSO definition capable of conducting Fire Risk Assessments which will provide Clients with:

  • Details of potential workplace fire hazards
  • An evaluation of the risks arising from potential fire hazards
  • Recommendations based upon the effectiveness of existing fire hazard management procedures and arrangements
  • An Action Plan for eliminating fire hazards or reducing fire risks

Aegis can also develop the arrangements and procedures for managing fire risk and provide the fire awareness training required under RRFSO for Fire Wardens and staff.

There are several news articles on this website which demonstrate the importance of taking a proactive approach to fire safety management. Aegis’ experienced fire safety professionals can assist organisations in resolving their fire safety management concerns.