Guidance on the threat of terrorism

Recent terrorist attacks in the UK and abroad have demonstrated a shift, which presents new challenges to the construction industry and beyond.

It has resulted in the government updating its terror advice for employers to keep workplaces safe.

Recognising the Threat’, published by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, reflects the recent trend of attacks being undertaken by individuals using vehicles or knives.

The guidance includes descriptions of the different types of threat, and it’s important that employers factor this in to their contingency planning in the event of attacks.

There is also advice on mail handling and dealing with suspicious items, physical precautions against vehicle attacks, and suggested training for security personnel.

Explanations are provided on the different threat levels in the UK too, which determine levels of police readiness and deployment in response to terrorism threats.

The document also has practical advice for employees including the ‘Stay Safe’ principles: Run, Hide, Tell (run / escape if you can, hide if you are unable to run, and when the opportunity arises, pass on key details to police.)

While terrorism is an uncomfortable subject to consider, events in London and Manchester this year have shown that these threats need to be factored into the risk assessments that businesses carry out.

The published guidance will help businesses better understand the threats and provide details on how to mitigate the risks.

The guidance can be found in full here.

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