More professional recognition for Aegis staff

As a company, Aegis is committed to providing ongoing development programmes to ensure our staff always hold the appropriate knowledge and skills in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Following on from the changes to the CDM Regulations in 2015 all of our staff have been working hard to ensure that they have an in-depth understanding of the Regulations and the implications for duty holders on projects. As part of this, our CDM Consultants have been working to improve the professional qualifications they hold, one of which is the new Certified Member of the APS (CMaPS). The CMaPS qualification is designed to offer existing Incorporated (IMaPS) members a means of demonstrating high level of skills, knowledge and experience with regard to CDM.

We are proud to announce that Andy Edwards has gained the CMaPS qualification after successfully passing exams in Health and Temporary Works.  He will sit a further two exams before the end of 2017 to retain the qualification.