If a project has run beyond the 5th October, should a Principal Designer be appointed?

The end of the transitional arrangements period under CDM 2015, which ran from 6th April – 5th October 2015, is now upon us. We’ve focused on one aspect of the transition which a number clients have asked us about.

The law says that CDM co-ordinator appointments must have come to an end by 6th October and a principal designer should have been appointed in writing by that date, even if the project only has a matter of weeks left to run. If you haven’t yet appointed a principal designer you automatically assume the principal designer role and the liability that goes with it yourself.

If a project is running beyond 5th October but is near to completion and you believe that all design work has ended, then you may decide not to appoint a third party as principal designer and assume the role yourself. This is an acceptable solution as you’d be safe in the knowledge that, with the exception of the compilation of the Health and Safety File, you have littleto do.

However, if there is still ongoing design work, then a principal designer must be appointed, whether that be a third party or a role assumed by the client. Just like at any other time, the principal designer must have the required skills, knowledge and experience to take on and fulfil the role.

The guidance we’re providing is that clients must ensure that, where Aegis is to undertake the role of Principal Designer following the transitional period, our appointment must be put in writing. Without this, you automatically take on the Principal Designer duties yourself, so any client wishing to appoint an external principal designer should do so as soon as possible.

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