HSE 2017-2018 business plan revealed

Each year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publishes its business plan detailing what the HSE has achieved in the previous year, and discussing its plans for the next twelve months.

While the plan does not cover everything the HSE will do in the next year, it does highlight the specific priorities for the following 12 months.

This year’s plan has now been published and it shows that in 2015-2016, HSE inspectors did the following:

–  Carried out 200,000 workspace inspections

–  Investigated over 6,000 incidents

–  Investigated over 10,000 reports of health and safety concerns

–  Carried out over 9,000 actions to reduce risks, involving issuing prohibition and improvement notifications

The plan for the upcoming year indicates that there will be at least 20,000 inspections from 2017-2018. Half of these inspections will be linked to issues where campaigns are currently being run by the HSE, including managing manual handling risks and preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

Inspectors will be focusing on sectors including agriculture, construction refurbishment, metal, food and wood management and waste and recycling.

Priorities in the report for this year include;

–  Establishing and delivering a three-year health and work programme to reduce levels of work-related stress, musculoskeletal disorders and occupational lung disease

–  Targeting small and medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs) to introduce new approaches, enabling SMEs to manage health and safety sensibly and proportionately

–  Accelerating the HSEs Helping Britain Work Well campaign to further embed broader ownership of health and safety and engage with stakeholders to obtain by-in to properties within the HSEs sector plans

–  Working on enabling employers and dutyholders to understand how to manage health and safety risks through enhancing the HSE website and creating more user-focused content

–  Reinforcing HSE links with other regulators, specifically focusing on sharing technical expertise and enhancing its regulatory intelligence networks through the use of modern data analytics

Click here to read the report in full.

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