Aegis awards success at BAE Systems

The contribution of Aegis CDM co-ordinators supporting teams across BAE Systems has been recognised in the recent round of highly-prized Chairman’s Awards presented within the company.

The awards honour innovative ideas, actions and behaviours that further BAE Systems’ values whilst delivering benchmark performance.

Bronze Award – Contractor Safety Management at the Small Manufacturing Facility, Radway Green, Crewe

This Bronze Award recognised the long-term efforts of a small team that delivered the Contractor Safety Management process of the fit-out phase of the new munitions facility at Radway Green, Crewe.
Team member Tim Hudson, Aegis technical director and CDM co-ordinator for the project, said: “Throughout the project we strived to maintain a safe working environment. In 22 months on site, there were no notifiable lost-time accidents involving contractors during 160,000 hours of work.”

Super Bronze Award – Central Treatment Facility, Samlesbury, Lancashire

Andy Edwards from Aegis was the CDM co-ordinator for the Central Treatment Facility project at BAE Systems Samlesbury.

His team won their Super Bronze Award for the construction of a new water treatment facility at the site, which has reduced water usage from 60 million litres a year to under 10 million litres, leading to annual savings of £166,000 and significant environmental benefits. The project has been so successful that a second treatment facility is now being constructed.

Gold Award – Integrated Assembly Line (IAL), Samlesbury, Lancashire

A major project that Aegis technical director, Tim Hudson, has been closely involved with as CDM co-ordinator since 2011 has won a Chairman’s Gold Award.

This is a prestigious award given to only a handful of the 3,000 projects nominated. A team at Samlesbury won the award for the installation of a new production line known as the Integrated Assembly Line (IAL), which is part of the F-35 fighter jet manufacturing facility at the site.

The IAL, which opened in March 2013, will use an automated overhead monorail system to ‘pulse’ sections of the rear fuselage of all three types of F-35 aircraft around an assembly line, building them as they go and allowing more units to be produced more efficiently than before.