fire and rescue stats uk

What do the latest Fire and Rescue stats tell us?

Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) statistics in England for 2018-2019 were released recently.

These figures include all types of incident including road traffic accidents, fires and false alarms.

The key statistics were:

  • A 2% increase in incidents attended (576,040 against 566,433 in 2017-2018).
  • A 9% increase in fires (182,825 against 167,330 in 2017-2018) largely due to a 19% increase in secondary fires
  • A 25% decrease in fire-related fatalities (253 against 339 in 2017-2018, which included 71 from the Grenfell Tower fire).
  • The 2018-2019 figure is the lowest number of fatalities recorded in the data set.

Fire and Rescue crews attended 231,067 fire false alarms over the period, which is a two percent increase over the previous year.

It is of note that this is higher than the actual number of fires attended at 182,825.