Safety concerns over unsafe telescopic ladders in the workplace

New research has sparked concerns that potentially dangerous telescopic ladders are being used in the workplace.

Telescopic ladders have become popular in recent years as they have several benefits, including being lightweight, compact, easy to store and adjustable in size and working height.

However, the outcome of research conducted by The Ladder Association in partnership with Trading Standards has revealed cause for concern.

Failing compliance checks

A series of safety-critical tests were carried out on 17 telescopic ladders, including strength tests and dimensional checks and to check their conformity with product standard EN131-6.

Of the ladders tested, 14 failed the required EN131-6 safety tests, were non-compliant and therefore unsafe to use. What made matters worse was that of the failed ladders, over half were sold as being compliant with the EN131-6 standard.

Working at height carries enough risks – the main cause of fatal accidents in the workplace last year was falls from height – without the added dangers associated with the use of unsafe equipment.

Taking steps to safety

When it comes to the use of ladders in the workplace, steps needed to stay safe include:

• Buying the ladder from a reputable seller, such as members of the Ladder Association
• Don’t assume that product safety checks have been carried out
• Before use always check the ladder, the instruction manual and the labelling on the ladder
• If the ladder appears unsafe in any way, then don’t use it

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