Fire extinguisher guidelines updated

The British Standard covering the selection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers (BS5306-8) has been updated.

This standard provides guidance on the number of fire extinguishers required, their type, size and location.

It is a credible source of information which is referred to in government fire risk assessment guidance.

Unfortunately, the Standard costs £272 to purchase, unless you are a member of the British Standards Institute who pay half that amount.

A key aspect of the new guidelines is the emphasis on collaboration between responsible persons and services providers. This ensures that specifications for fire extinguishers are not only compliant but tailored to the specific needs of different settings.

The guidance gives recommendations to apply when choosing and positioning fire extinguishers. It describes the characteristics of different types, for example those suited to fight fires involving flammable liquids or live electrical equipment.

The Standard now has content on the impact of extinguishing media on people, property and the environment. For example, concerns about the environmental impact of fire-fighting foams have now been addressed with advice that they cannot be discharged to surface drains or ground water.

The updated standard has also issued cautious advice around the use of water-based extinguishers on fires involving electrical equipment.

In addition, new the guidelines the handling of fires involving batteries, with the focus mainly on lithium-ion batteries found in small mobile phones.

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