Changes to RIDDOR Incident Reporting Website

The HSE have recently announced that they are in the process of refreshing their RIDDOR reporting forms to make the reporting process easier for the user.

The look and feel of the forms has being modernised however functionality and reporting requirements remain unchanged.

The reason for the changes is that the previous system was not easy to use and wasn’t compatible with some web browsers.  As a result those using the system made mistakes and hence inaccurate reports were filed.

The HSE had a target to have all forms refreshed by the end of April 2019.

One of the main differences between the old forms and the new forms is that the responsible person submitting the RIDDOR report will no longer receive a copy of the report by email once the report has been submitted. Instead the user will need to download a pdf copy themselves at the point of submission. Although the RIDDOR forms have been refreshed, reporting requirements are unchanged.

When RIDDOR reports are submitted they are reviewed by the HSE which means that it is likely that there will be follow-up action by the HSE in response to an incident.  Those submitting reports should assume therefore that they will be contacted by an HSE Inspector who will investigate the matter further.