CDM 2015 an important construction milestone

The changes introduced in the CDM 2015 regulations are an important milestone in the health and safety journey of the construction industry, according to the HSE’s chief inspector of construction.

Peter Baker, the man responsible for introducing the changes in April last year, said CDM 2015 aims to build on continued successes in reducing the number of fatalities and injuries by fundamentally changing the industry’s approach to Health and Safety Design Risk Management.

Speaking at the Association for Project Safety Annual Convention, he added that health and safety cannot be seen as a “bolt-on addition to the design and delivery of construction projects.”

The intention behind the changes in the 2015 regulations has been made clear. They are to:

  • Place the responsibility for managing risk with the designers who create it
  • Cut bureaucracy
  • Make the response to risk proportionate

Baker also described proportionality as “delivering the spirit of CDM without reams of paperwork, and cutting bureaucracy means making it proportionate and necessary, not defensive and back protecting”.

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