Health & Safety Services Booths

What the project involves

Five generations of the same family have taken supermarket chain Booths from its humble beginnings in Blackpool in 1847, into a thriving portfolio of 31 stores across the North West. Now, Aegis is playing a key role in shaping future operations at six Booths sites in Lancashire.

Booths takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously and understands that it lies at the heart of an organisation’s commitment to employees and customers. As a result it was keen to partner with a local, independent expert which could assess performance and develop new, improved approaches to auditing and measuring health and safety standards across multiple sites.

Aegis was recommended by one of Booths’ other specialist professional services advisers and was consequently asked by Booths to undertake health and safety audits and fire risk assessments at the following locations:

Clitheroe Store

Penwortham Store

Bluebell Way Distribution Centre

Riversway Distribution Centre

Central Office

Estates Office

Booths also requested that Aegis delivers a review of its current health and safety policies and documentation.

How the client is benefiting

Aegis’ health and safety audits help identify activities which may need improving in order to develop a safer and more efficient working environment. They can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and promote a safety-focused culture.

Aegis completed six audits and assessments for Booths. We found that there was a high standard of health and safety across the company, with good staff training, a strong safety rep structure in place, and a positive approach at all levels. Even so, our knowledgeable and experienced team was able to identify areas which could be improved and simplified, and we provided a detailed action plan as part of our written report and recommendations.

Booths is now working through the action plan and implementing the changes which is having economic and statutory benefits, as well as helping to foster a motivated workforce by demonstrating a focus on employee welfare.

Why it is crucial to understand the client and their needs

The local companies we work with know the high standard of service Aegis provides and we are often recommended to new clients as a result. In this case we were recommended by one of Booths’ specialist advisers – a company we have worked with previously and with whom we have formed a strong relationship.

We responded quickly to the initial enquiry and swiftly organised a meeting to discuss Booths’ requirements. Booths commended us on our service proposition, as well as the fact that Aegis is a local company working with a wide range of other local firms.